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Honesty Calliaros Submissive Fantasies

Slave Honesty Calliaros nipples chastised and domination in stockings of submissive in breast bondage and pussy clamped pain of debutant BDSM model enjoying the vaginal sex toys and clothespegs on her firm natural tits.

Honesty Calliaros Submissive Fantasies

Honesty Calliaro is a sex slave, it is her job to serve as a maid, and serve her owner’s guests as ordered. She fails in this duty, so is beaten hard by her mistress, she responds to this beating by biting her mistress! So more training is needed. She is sent away to “The Institute” for further punishment and training in how sex slaves should behave – “The Institute” specialises in training maids in bondage to become good sex slaves.

At “The Institute” the maid is again beaten as a punishment, then she is stripped naked, chained up, and humiliated and fucked in bondage by a man as more punishment. This is followed by being taken downstairs, chained up, again naked in bondage, and being used as a lesbian sex toy by a lesbian dominatrix – more humiliation as a punishment.

Next we see one of the naughty maids taken into what appears to be a laboratory and again get fucked in bondage. This time she suffers the humiliation of being gang banged in bondage, all holes filled with semen.

After that the maids punishment continues as she is gagged, then still naked in bondage, is dragged into the womens dormitory, This leads to more lesbian humiliation with the knob on the end of a bedpost.

Finally, still gagged and naked in bondage, the Honesty Calliaro’s body is used by the other maids for sex, and she is forced into a lesbian orgy in bondage.

The maid will never forget her training, she will become one of the best sex slaves in “The Institute”, or she will be beaten until she is!

An advert appeared in a contacts magazine in the late 1980’s saying “Four dominant males, 28, 32, 37, 41, looking for submissive women 18-40 interested in re-enacting historical events of bondage and torture”.

The ‘Four dominant males’ were four friends, all divorced, who had decided not to get married again. (You know the old joke “I’ve decided not to remarry. Instead I’ll save time by finding a woman who hates me and give her my house and half my income”. Well that was the jaundice view these men had on marriage after loosing a lot in divorce settlements.) But regardless of the fact that they did not want to remarry, they still had a libido (about the only thing their wives had not taken in the divorce settlements), and still needed a sex life. And they were fed up of the fact that most of the time their sexual partner was their own right hand.

So they decided to use a contacts magazine to find partners. Two of them admitted to being ‘dominator types’ all their lives, the other two claimed to be ‘nice caring sharing kind of guys’ until the divorce laws gave them a ‘desire for revenge on all womankind’. But their fear of getting suckered into another marriage made them determined not to do the ‘falling in love’ thing. After a lot of beers, and a lot of talk, and a lot more beers, they came up with the idea of looking for ‘submissive’ women as bondage slaves instead of wives.

The following day, sober, they realised that it would probably be impossible to get women to agree with that, and possibly illegal (not sure about the latter, but the former is far from correct from the stories I have collected).

After even more discussion, and even more beers, they decided that as historical re-enactment groups were popular at the time, they could get away with setting up a ‘Hellfire Club re-enactment group’. But further discussion led them to decide to expand their remit beyond The Hellfire Club to all similar historical events.

And that led to the placing of the advert.

When they placed the advert assumed they would either get no replies or lots of replies. They had decided that if they got no replies they would ‘rethink their advertising program’ (yeah, it was the 1980’s alright). And if they got lots of replies they would pick the best applicants. As it was they got just two applicants.

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