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Honesty Calliaros Nipples Punished

Honesty Calliaro BDSM

Slave Honesty Calliaros nipples punished and domination in stockings of submissive in breast bondage and pussy clamped pain of debutant BDSM model enjoying the vaginal sex toys and clothespegs on her firm natural tits. In black panties, a tight bra and sexy stockings the longhaired brunette was ready for some fetish fun in the dungeon with her new dom. The bra and panties soon vanished as Magick started working on her nipples, tits and pussy with equal measures of pleasurable sensations and pain.

Honesty Calliaro had wanted to try out real BDSM sessions for a long while and finally got together her courage to enter the dungeons of The Pain Files with experienced master Magick. Dressed up in fetish wear, a little shy and full of anticipation Honesty Calliaro stepped onto the BDSM scene in a sexy domination sesson full of bondage, domination, pleasure and pain.

BDSM and Fetishism

S/M isn’t fetishism. Fetishism substitutes an item for dating.S/M can very much involve relationships. In fact, due to the requirements for consideration and good communication, to even participate in S/M with some other calls for the development of correct courting skills. S/M is an erotic psychodrama. The exchange of electricity in S/M is a framework for risk-taking and for trusting. The shared fact created by S/M gives the participants permission to discover their erotic fantasies. S/M has often been called high-tech sex. The experience is incomparable.

S/M does not sense what it looks like. In the version of the famous press, the dominant or sadist does as he/she wishes, without regard to the needs of the submissive or masochist. In practice, it’s far the submissive or masochist that has the final say.

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Female Slaves and Bondage

Some free bondage photos of a slavegirl suffering some really nasty tit punishment and even nastier pussy punishment. And she also gets beaten across her ass with a cane and some ass punishment with pins. The slavegirl is led into the punishment dungeon and forced to strip naked. She is then forced to put on a slave collar. As soon as she is collared the torturing of the slave’s naked body will begin.

To start with – some pussy punishment. The slavegirls cunt is punished with clamps and weights, the clamps crushing her pussy lips, and the weights stretching her pussy lips down painfully. While the slave suffers this cunt punishment she is also made to suffer tit punishment. The slavegirls tits are also punishment with clamps and weights, the same as her pussy punishment. But this is not considered extreme enough for the slaves master, so the slavegirls tits will next be punished with a mousetrap.

Then back to pussy punishment, her pussy is punished with more clamps. And this is followed by some as punishment. The slavegirl is punished with a cane. The caning goes on and on across her ass as a punishment, slavegirls need to be punished regularly, not because they are being naughty but because punishment is part of a slave’s life. Then comes both tit punishment and cunt punishment with a vacuum pump. After that – the slavegirl is punished with needles. Tit punishment and ass punishment with needles. Oh yes, slavegirls accept punishment and punishment as a major part of the slave’s life!

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