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A Cuckolds Tale

The older husband is thrilled about his trophy wife. At first he was shocked when she cuckolded him.

He figured “I am a successful businessman, but when I come home my wife is openly fucking other guys, what is going on?

The businessman is the main feature of the best of todays male chastity stories and features a cuckolding wife with her worm-like husband at her feet.

Soon he realized that being a cuckold is his role in life. He has taken on the role because it’s an extraordinary honor for him to be married to a gorgeous woman like her. Random men get hard from just looking at her in the street. And sometimes they are taken home to pleasure her with their big dicks. As the husband looks on. In awe of his desirable wife. The supreme being of his life.

She will take as many lovers as she can find. And it isnt hard for a beauty like her. Once in a rare while she throws him a bone. If his bone is hard enough. But for her being a trophy wife is the perfect arrangement. Her dominant sexual personality is treasured daily, she gets to play with all the big cock that she could possibly desire and the husband takes care of everything, even the messy creampie and tidying up after his wife’s sex with other men.

On very special days the trophy wife turns her attention to her husband. She will dress her up as a sissy, make a mockery of his penis and compare it to the big cocks she has tasted recently, she might lock him in his cage or trample him. One day she even collared him, dressed him as a faggot and paraded him through the streets of their local town. The humiliation was unbearable and yet he was hard as a rock when they returned to the house.

On that special day he finally got to fuck his wife. The same way he had seen so many strangers do. He pounded her hard. Meekly accepted her taunts as he fucked her as hard as she could. It was the perfect day of a male slave…

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