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Madeleine was right – I didn’t know anything! About all I knew about S&M previously was that there were women
called Dominatrixes; and that there were S&M sex shops in the city. I needed to learn the Pratique BDSM and all the special skills required.

The next few weeks became a whirlwind of the weirdest education in my life. Every night, after dinner &
dessert, we watched a movie together. Madeleine had certainly accumulated quite a collection of S&M films!
We would watch them together, and she would provide the commentary and observations.

Books! She started me with “Story of O” – and then I read one novel after another. There was plenty of
non-fiction as well – everything you ever wanted to know about S&M but were afraid to ask.

Afterwards, we discussed what I had learned.

“This is something else,” I observed, “you were really involved in this for years? Just how did you get
started anyway?”

“Burt and I met on a blind date from a mutual friend. One night, after I behaved badly, he pulled me over his
knee and pulled my panties off and gave me a spanking. I was just so wet and horny afterwards – I wanted
more. He was already in the scene.”

“I just can’t believe that you like getting beaten with a riding crop,” I told her.

“First you’ll be using a pillow, before you use one on me,” Madeleine answered.

I spent the next few days whacking away at a pillow with first my hand, then the crop, and whip. Madeleine
stood by, watching and explaining just what I had to do.

I thrust my hard cock into Madeleine’s wet waiting sex. It had been 2 weeks since she had approached me with
her proposal, and our lovemaking had dramatically improved. Madeleine seemed much more animated, far more
interested than before. Our sweating bodies intertwined, I grunted and she moaned with pleasure as
my shaft impaled her cunt. I enjoyed the smell of her perfume and sweat mixed together to make a heady musk that drove me to new heights of passion. She was just busting to get some BDSM sex as soon as possible!



I suppose that the sounds made in the bedroom and pillow talk are probably the least intelligent things
people ever say.

“I’m coming!” Madeleine cried.

Like a piston, I thrust into Madeleine, and we began to shake with orgasm at exactly the same time. Madeleine
matched me thrust for thrust as I drove her to orgasm.

Afterwards, we lay together, gasping.

“You were very good tonight, Sam.”

“You too.”

I lay on my back, and Madeleine lay on my shoulder, her hands playing with my cock. She had never showed any inclination to touch my cock before.

“What’s going on?” I asked, “you never wanted to play with Mr. Happy before?”

“Mr. Happy?” Madeleine answered, “surely you can come up with something a little more original than that?”

“I guess so. You still haven’t answered my question, though.”

“You have complete freedom of my body,” Madeleine answered, “that includes my mouth and my bottom. Or as
the novels like to say, the use of all of my holes.”

“That doesn’t sound very romantic – hey!”

Madeleine had gotten up from my shoulder, and had began to suck on my cock – which she had never done in all the years we had known each other.

I lay back, wondering what was next. She had gotten me hard again, but not to climax. With her left hand she opened the night table, and removed a jar of lubricant!

“Take my bottom, please!” Madeleine begged.

She knelt on the bed, doggie-style. I got up, opened the jar, and massaged some lube into her pink bottom. My aroused cock quivered with anticipation.

“This will be tight,” Madeleine advised, “so go slowly!”

Lubricated and Punished

Imitating what I had seen in the films, I slowly placed my cock into Madeleine’s bottom hole. Well lubricated, I
gently began to thrust deeper insider her, while holding onto her hips with my hands. Keeping erect
against her tightness was an effort, but I gradually got inside her bottom. All of a sudden, I was
through! Her anal muscles opened to admit me, and I began to piston my shaft inside her ass. I had never
fucked a woman’s ass before, and it was a new experience for me!

Nor had I ever done it doggie style with Madeleine before. Madeleine as wife was one person – Madeleine as sex
slave was someone else.

I placed all my concentration in staying erect as long as I possibly could. Madeleine moaned as I shafted her – was it pleasure or pain? I watched her breasts bounce with every thrust, saw the beads of sweat trickle down her naked body.

Finally, it was too much. I grunted, and came in her bottom. She moaned as the hot jets of my come spurted inside her. I then pulled out of her, sweating profusely.

“Wow!” I commented.

“Not bad for a first attempt, Master,” said Madeleine as she slumped onto the bed. I watched as my come leaked from her asshole.

“Did I hurt you, Madeleine?” I asked.

“No, Master. You have used all of holes in one evening.”

“Madeleine, why did you suck my cock – you never did so before?”

“It’s a great honor for a Master to bestow his seed inside whatever orifice he desires – I just wanted you
to learn this night that you have the use of all of mine.”

“Tell me, Madeleine, when do we do our actual first scene?” I questioned.

“You’ll know when, Sam. That’s when I cease to be just your wife – and become your slave.”

Part Three: First Scene

Over the next few days I made a few home improvements, all at Madeleine’s behest.

In the bedroom, I installed a ringbolt at ground level to the wall. I didn’t have to be told that was when
Madeleine would be spending the night on the floor, chained by a collar.

The basement den had a bar and was used for entertaining. Plus two wonderful pillars that would
now finally have a use – but far more than just supporting the floor above! I placed rings on them –
no doubt in my mind that I would be hanging Madeleine by her wrists, or spread-eagled between them. I would be doing some quite different entertaining down here shortly!

Madeleine was a great housekeeper. She had told me that her alcoholic mother had grown up in filth so she naturally kept the house very clean.

Cooking and Cleaning Submissives

The weekend had started normally. I didn’t think that there was anything going on. Madeleine cooked a wonderful dinner, and we went out to a movie, and stayed out late for drinks. On Saturday morning, she cooked breakfast, and placed the dishes in the sink. I didn’t realize that anything was going on until after Dinner on Saturday night, when the sink was overflowing with dishes from fully four meals. This from a woman who disliked even a single dish left in the sink.

“Honey, don’t you think” I called to Madeleine from the kitchen.

I had almost turned the taps on the sink to do the dishes myself, when suddenly the light bulb went off above my head. Madeleine had just given me a reason for a session. It was the moment of truth! For the past 3
weeks, she had been educating me about our new roles. Now, finally, it was time.

Ever watch a cartoon when an angel and a devil appear on a character’s shoulders? Each one is arguing their
respective positions, for good or evil? That was the way I felt at that exact moment.

I could both do the dishes and join my wife quietly in the den. Or I could do what she wanted me to do –
punish her for making a mess. I had never felt so nervous before – proposing marriage had been easier
than this!

I walked into the den, and Madeleine was seated at the couch, reading a copy of Vogue, her favorite fashion

“Madeleine, why didn’t you do the dishes?” I asked.

“Because I’d rather read just now, I don’t want to
clean up.”

“But it’s such a mess, dear – disgusting!” I exaggerated a little!

“Screw the dishes, I’m busy!” said Madeleine.

“That’s enough, slave!” I said as I seated myself on the couch, “you had better get across my knee now –

Madeleine folded the magazine, and draped herself over my lap. I wondered why she had been wearing a skirt today – even more surprised to find that she wasn’t wearing any panties underneath.

“What is your safeword, slut?” I demanded.

“Sinful, Master.”

“Remember it well,” I advised.


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